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Creating Smiles, Inspiring Hope, Rediscovering Childhood

Our Mission

Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation improves the mental, social and emotional well-being of children with cancer and their families.

Our Mission

2018 Helping Hands


Nicole Himes,

Class of 2018 Gettysburg High School

At the age of 17, Nicole was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma


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Financial Information

CCRF was originally founded in 1990, operating under the

umbrella of a larger non-profit organization, with several other affiliations. In 2018, CCRF obtained a new Executive Director,

and it is under her new leadership that the Foundation began

to move in a new direction, creating a new Board of Directors,

as well as implementing several changes to staffing.


Please Note: Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation was not established as an employer until 2018. 

2017 990's

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