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Leave Your Legacy

Leave a gift that will make a difference. By remembering Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation in your will or bequest, you can provide help and hope to children battling cancer and their families. 





Charitable bequests are an easy component of any estate plan. You can enjoy your assets for a lifetime with no immediate donation required. You may choose to make your gift as a specific bequest or a residuary bequest.


  • Specific Bequests: a gift (bequest) or a specific item or asset to a named person or entity. 

    • For example, you may specifically request that $1,000 be given to your favorite charity.

  • Residuary Bequests: a gift (bequest) of all or a portion of the remaining assets after making distributions of specific bequests. 

    • Specifically requesting that all of your remaining property shall be distributed in equal shares to your family and your favorite charity.


Below are a few examples of suggested language for naming CCRF as a beneficiary of your charitable bequest. You may want to work with your attorney to find the right fit for your situation.


  • Fixed Dollar Amount Bequest

    • "I bequeath the sum of $____ to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation."

  • Percentage Bequest 

    • "I bequeath to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation an amount equal to ____ percent of the net value of my estate."

  • Residual Bequest

    • "I bequeath the residue of my estate, after the satisfaction of all specific bequests and payment of all taxes and other costs attending my death to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.






An endowment is a donation of money or property to a non-profit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. Endowment Funds are an investment in the future and can provide support for children battling cancer for years to come. Create a lasting legacy for you or a loved one by establishing the Fund in honor or in memory of someone. 


  • A Named Endowment Fund: usually established in your name or that of a loved one. You can designate the income from this fund for a purpose, such as a Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation project, a program, such as Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation's Helping Hands Fund, or to be used for the general purposes of Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.





*Inquiries regarding contributions through planned giving as well as through charitable remainder trusts should be directed to Amy O'Leary, Executive Director, at or 717.259.0020.

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