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Beginning in 2010 ten teams of the Northeast Conference (NEC) have partnered with 

Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) through a league-wide Money Wars.

Since the partnership began, the collegiate institutions (listed below) have raised more than

$120,000 for CCRF's Bear-Able Gifts Program!

Empty Stage
LIU Primary Logo.jpg
Saint Francis.png
Central Connecticut.png

In 2019, the NEC raised $13,841.21 with

St. Francis University holding the crown for

the most money raised for the second year in a row. SFU raised $4,693.42 alone in 2019!

For more information on the NEC Money Wars, click here.

After visiting with the students in the NEC, it was apparent that they truly cared about where their money was going. They were shown the video below, and it sparked a lot of conversation regarding what we do and who we help.


Pictured above is our staff at the NEC in New Jersey (November 2018).

The video above is Nicole Himes, a teen who was helped by our organization.

Want to get involved? Here's how...
What it is:
Money Wars is a service program that gives students the opportunity to make a difference

by working together to help hundreds of children battling cancer right here in Pennsylvania.

Clubs, teams, academic departments, or grade levels can compete against each other to raise

money for CCRF that will help children and their families facing a cancer diagnosis. Your

donation helps CCRF create smiles, inspire hope, and rediscover childhood. 



How it Works:

Students collect donations over a 2 - 4 week period. Donations can be collected from friends

and family in honor of a local student or loved one who has battled or is currently battling

cancer. Teams, clubs, departments, etc. can compete against each other to win a prize of

your choosing while also raising money for a good cause!


Fundraising Ideas:

  • Stuck for a Buck: students/members donate a dollar to duct tape a Principal, teacher, or leader to the wall

  • Quirky for Quarters: if X amount of quarters are donated in a certain timeframe, a Principal, teacher, or leader will dress up in a silly outfit, have crazy hair, do a silly dance, etc. 

  • Pretty Penny: if X amount of pennies are donated in a certain timeframe, a Principal, teacher, or leader will wear a tutu, tiara, and/or high heels for the day

NEC 2021.png
Get your school/organization involved with Money Wars

Thank you! We will be in contact with you.

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