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CCRF Expands Services for Families of Children with Cancer


According to the American Cancer Society, after accidents, cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in children one to fourteen years old. Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF), a nonprofit organization headquartered in New Oxford, PA and national in scope, has a 28-year history of offering mental, social, financial, and emotional support to families of children with cancer. Under Amy O’Leary, the new executive director, the foundation has increased its response to needs critical to mental, social, financial, and emotional well-being for families of children with cancer. CCRF is also enhancing its national network of professional partners in consideration of unique challenges families face.

“We are a local charity with a national reach,” shares Amy. “Emotions are high when a child is diagnosed with cancer, and where to turn can be daunting. We respond to common concerns through several initiatives. Our Helping Hands Fund provides emergency bridge payments to landlords and utility companies so children have a comfortable home to return to while recovering from cancer. Our Bear-Able Gifts Program delivers thousands of gifts to children each year from our 2,100 square foot toy warehouse. We are the largest supplier of toy deliveries nation-wide with mailings to more than 200 hospitals. Through our Camp Scholarship Program, children who are in remission benefit from a camp experience of choice as a way to reconnect them with what was missed during treatment. Moving forward, we are expanding our support groups and partnerships with social workers, medical professionals, and trained community volunteers who can counsel and guide families through their unique needs,” she concludes.

A leader in the national fight against childhood cancer, CCRF advocates for families and survivors and helps shape policy, research, and programs, nationally and internationally, that impact cancer-stricken families. Funds ensure that no family is without resources vital to saving their child’s life from this devastating disease. To learn more about the foundation or to support the 2018 Annual Campaign, visit, call Amy O’Leary at 717-688-7940, or email her at, org.

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