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CCRF is invited to speak at Rotary Club

GETTYSBURG, PA - Ms. Deb Geesey introduced our speaker for the day, Ms. Britta Corle, Executive Assistant for the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) in New Oxford.  The mission of the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation is to improve the mental, social and emotional well-being of children with cancer and their families.  Ms. Corle began by explaining that in 2018 the local organization began breaking ties with the national CCRF organization to better control funding and fundraising.  She stated that the New Oxford-based CCRF has no contracts with telemarketers or professional fundraisers.  The New Oxford-based CCRF is working diligently to be honest and transparent with fundraising to overcome the negative actions of the national CCRF organizations.

Pictured above are Deb Geesey and Britta Corle

Locally, donations are used for these programs:  (1) The Bear-Able Gifts Program- the largest supplier of new gifts to children with cancer in North America because of the generosity of corporations and individuals all across the United States. They deliver gifts to thousands of children each year. Items such as board games, toys, crayons, coloring books, markers, puzzles, children's books, teddy bears, and craft kits are distributed to hospitals across the country. (2) The Helping Hands Fund- works directly with social workers or child life specialist. Social workers can request an application for a family whose child is currently receiving treatment for their cancer diagnosis. Once the application is received, the social worker will work with the family to complete the application and include all additional documentation needed. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis. The CCRF Helping Hands Fund provides financial relief to these families by sending emergency bridge payments directly to the utility companies and landlords. (3) CCRF's new Therapeutic Services Program offers free counseling sessions and support groups to the children and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Another piece of the therapeutic program is the Friendship Baskets, which provides baskets of items such as local donations of products, services, meals, games, lists of resources and more to families who have just received the tragic news of a childhood cancer diagnosis, in efforts to assist with raising spirits, and offering the friendship of CCRF’s team to the families.

During the question and answer segment of the program, Ms. Corle addressed concerns raised about the past problems with the national CCRF organizations and the poor rating the charity received for utilization of funds for direct services to children with cancer.  She noted the establishment of a local Board of Directors and changes to fundraising practices as evidence of the steps the New Oxford-based CCRF are taking to regain the public trust and re-focus local efforts on the mission to help local children and their families.

Ms. Corle also shared information about upcoming fundraising events such as the Drafts & Crafts Pop-Up Fair, monthly DIY classes and their Pasta for a Purpose event.  More information on these events is posted on their webpage:

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